#DIVAWProject Team Publication: #MeToo has arrived in India, and it’s changing how technology is used to fight injustice

Read this The Conversation UK article entitled '#MeToo has arrived in India, and it’s changing how technology is used to fight injustice' by 'Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women' #DIVAWProject research team members Principal Investigator Dr Ayona Datta, Co-Investigator Dr Rakhi Tripathi and Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Nabeela Ahmed.

London Mid-Term Project Workshop: Digital Infrastructure & (Un)Safe Cities Report

Find out more about our mid-term 'Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women' #DIVAWProject workshop entitled ‘Digital Infrastructure and (Un)Safe Cities’ which took place in February 2018 at King's College London, explore the event Wakelet and watch the video interview with workshop participants.

India National Conference: Innovating Digital Technologies For Creating Safer Cities in India

Find out more about our upcoming ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women’ #DIVAWProject India national conference organised in partnership with institutional partners FORE School of Management, Delhi and the Department of Management Studies, IITD Delhi, project funder, the British Academy, host institution, King's College London, institutional partner, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and project societal partner Safetipin.

Thiruvananthapuram Stakeholder Workshop Video

Find out more about the ‘Disconnected Infrastructures & Violence Against Women’ #DIVAWProject workshop participant speeches from our 2nd India stakeholder workshop in Thiruvananthapuram entitled 'Disconnected Infrastructures and Women's Safety in the City' which took place in April 2018 and watch the video with our workshop participant speeches and discussions.

London Inception Workshop Presentation: Advisory Board Member Professor Dorothea Kleine

Find out more about the presentation on ‘Decolonising our methods? Doing participatory digital action research cross-culturally’ by Professor Dorothea Kleine, #DIVAWProject Advisory Board Member and Professorial Research Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, at our first UK project workshop entitled ‘Violence Against Women (VAW) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)'.