India National Conference: Innovating Digital Technologies For Creating Safer Cities in India

Find out more about our upcoming ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women’ #DIVAWProject India national conference organised in partnership with institutional partners FORE School of Management, Delhi and the Department of Management Studies, IITD Delhi, project funder, the British Academy, host institution, King's College London, institutional partner, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and project societal partner Safetipin.

London Inception Workshop Presentation: Advisory Board Member Professor Dorothea Kleine

Find out more about the presentation on ‘Decolonising our methods? Doing participatory digital action research cross-culturally’ by Professor Dorothea Kleine, #DIVAWProject Advisory Board Member and Professorial Research Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, at our first UK project workshop entitled ‘Violence Against Women (VAW) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)'.

British Academy ‘Cities & Infrastructure’ Programme Projects Workshop

Read the report from the British Academy GCRF ‘Cities & Infrastructure’ Programme projects workshop in June 2018 from ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women’ #DIVAWProject Co-Investigators Dr Joanne Entwistle and Dr Don Slater.

Dissemination Activities

Find out more about the dissemination events ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women’ #DIVAWProject team members have been attending recently.

Safetipin as Method: Crowdsourced Audits and Visual Big Data

Dr Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder & CEO of Safetipin, introduces the work of Safetipin, Societal Partner of the ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women’ #DIVAWProject, and the crucial role Safetipin crowdsourced safety audits and visual big data have in the project.