Cities, Infrastructures and the ‘Digital Turn’ in the Postcolony

Conference Programme

Dates: 27-28 June 2019

Location: King’s College London

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DAY 1: 27th June 2019

9.30-10.00Arrival and registration with tea/coffee and croissants 
10.00-10.30Introduction and welcome:
Dr Ayona Datta, King’s College London
Disconnected infrastructures project aims, findings and impact. 
Panel 1:Opening Plenaries
10.30-10.50 Prof. Cathy McIlwaine, King’s College London
Title: Rethinking gendered infrastructural violence translocally: Service provision among Brazilian migrant survivors of gender-based violence in London.
10.50-11.00Q & A
11.00-11.20Dr Nausheen Anwar, Karachi Urban Lab, Pakistan
Title: Infrastructure & the Gendered Politics of (In)Security in the South Asian Metropolis.
11.20-11.30Q & A
11.30-11.45Break for coffee and tea
Panel 2:Embodied Infrastructures
Chair: Dr Ayona Datta
11.45-12.00Dr Nabeela Ahmed, King’s College London
Title: Immobile infrastructures of the city: Lessons from Kochi
12.00-12.15Rahul Ranjan, IAS, University of London
Title: Small Town, Social Media and Resistance Movements: Adivasi Politics in Jharkhand
12.15-12.30Dr Hanna Baumann, The Bartlett, University College London
Title: Normalising settler colonialism through connectivity: East Jerusalem from data flows to human circulations
12.30-12.45Dr Aidan Mosselson, Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield
Title: Working 18:00 to 06:00: Digital commerce, affective and embodied labour and displacement in post-colonial Britain
12.45-13.00Q & A


Opening Plenary

14.00-14.20Dr. Philippa Williams, QMUL
Title: The WhatsApp group, digital-analogue politics and the city in India
Panel 3:Mapping gendered infrastructures
Chair: Prof. Dorothea Kleine
14.30-14.45Dr Kalpana Viswanath, CEO Safetipin
Title: Using Data to Build Gender Friendly Cities
14.45-15.00Csaba Gabor Pogonyi, Imperial College
Title: Do metro stations increase the safety of women? Evidence from Delhi
15.00-15.15Dr. Laila Ait Bihi Ouali, Imperial College
Title: Gender Differences in the Perception of Safety in Public Transport
15.15-15.30Dr Don Slater, LSE and Dr Jo Entwistle, King’s College London
Title: Urban safety and social lighting: women in public space
15.30-15.45Q & A
15.45-16.00Break for coffee and tea
16.00-16.20Closing Plenary: Dr Maan Barua, University of Cambridge
Title: Commensal Cities: A Minor Ecology of Infrastructure
16.20- 16.30Q & A
17.00 onwardsAll participants invited to join project team for drinks and dinner at The India Club restaurant

DAY 2: 28th June 2019

9.30Arrival and registration with tea/coffee and croissants 
Panel 1:Opening Plenary
10.00-10.20Prof. Dorothea Kleine, University of Sheffield
Title: Gender, Intersectionality and Ethical Standards for Digital-related Action Research
Panel 2:Digital Platforms and networked urbanism
Chair: Dr. Nabeela Ahmed
10.30-10.45Dr Kerry Holden, Queen Mary, University of London
Title: Digitising matatus, the politics and poetics of data infrastructures in Nairobi, Kenya
10.45-11.00Joseph Chambers, University of Sheffield
Title: Infrastructural Relationships and Digital Platforms in Nairobi
11.00-11.15Dr Petter Törnberg, University of Amsterdam
Title: Selling black places on Airbnb: Colonial discourse and the marketing of black communities in New York City
11.15-11.30Dr Fabien Cante, University of Birmingham. 
Title: The digital future(s) of social infrastructure in urban Africa: Reconciling ethnography and anticipatory critique
11.45-12.00Break for coffee and tea
Panel 3:Learning from digital spaces
Chair: Dr Agnieszka Leszczynski
12.00-12.15Dr. Rakhi Tripathi, Fore School of Management, Delhi
Title: Web Analytics and Social Listening for Women Safety in Low Income Neighbourhoods in India
12.15-12.30Susan Sukanya, Cochin University
Title: Digital capacity building on ground – a mode of learning
12.30-12.45Dr Fulvia Calcagni, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Autònoma University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB)
Title: Revealed injustice: digital traces of socially-mediated patterns of access to urban green areas benefits
12.45-13.00Q & A
Panel 4:Closing Plenary
13.40-14.00Prof. Adriana Allen, Bartlett, UCL
Title: Urban infrastructures as gender palimpsest
14.00-14.10Q & A
14.10-15.00Discussion on key themes and ways forward
Chair: Ayona Datta, Nabeela Ahmed